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Diapers & Coffee

(V points to the floor at the fork she just dropped.)


M: “What are you asking for, V?”


M: “‘Meow’ doesn’t mean ‘please pick up my spoon.’”

V: “No it’s not a spoon. It’s a fork.”

M: “Oh sorry. I guess something was lost in translation.”

S: “Cats don’t use spoons or forks so the distinction is lost on them.”

V: “May I have my fork please?”

“That dog woofs a lot. Every night and every day when I go out that dog is woofing. He’s nice but he’s a little woofy.”

V: “I peed in my green dress. That’s why I changed.”

M: “You didn’t pee in your green dress; you spilled oatmeal on it.”

V: “No but—oatmeal is kind of like pee.”

S: “Why are you eating your toe?”

V: “Because the food isn’t here yet.”

V: “A cat hissed at me today.”

S: “Why did a cat hiss at you?”

V: “It just wanted some alone time.”