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Diapers & Coffee

S: “V, you really should go potty so you don’t have an accident.”

V: “In a second, OK?”

We’re raising a two-and-a-half-year-old teenager.

(Holding her Spider-Man doll) “Spider-Man has baby bad guys in his tummy.”

That’s what we get for letting her watch me play Spider-Man while also expecting her baby brother.

V: “Elsa doesn’t wear tights.”

M: “The cold doesn’t bother her anyway.”


M: “She has ice powers so she doesn’t need tights.”

V: “But how will I have ice powers if I wear tights?”

“No, you don’t need a blanket! You have long sleeves!”

M: “V, don’t squish the noodle with your foot.”

V: “I’m trying to pick it up with my toes.”